Agatha Rose Cat Collar with Elastic Safety Strip by Pinzael


The Agatha Rose Cat Collar comes with a unique and beautiful flower designed with vibrant and beautiful shades of purple.

Each cat collar is made with high quality and lightweight material to provide the best comfort to your cat, accompanied by safety breakaway buckle in black and a silver D-Ring that can be used to hang an ID tag. 

Our cat collars also come with an elastic safety strip which will specially help cats that like to climb trees. The elastic safety strip will facilitate the cat to be free in case of being trapped.

The Agatha Rose Cat Collar will make your furry friend look adorable and stylish. 

All collars include handcrafted finish.

  • Elastic safety strip
  • Easy to take care of
  • High quality materials
  • Perfected Fit
  • 100% Cotton

Size Guide:

XS: (Exclusive for small cats)

For necks from 7.8” to 10.2”

S MINI: (Exclusive for big tomcats)

For necks from 9” to 11.4"

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